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Check out my github for code examples of some of the projects below, amongst others.

Latest project: QuestionCare

I have been approached to develop a small business application called QuestionCare, that will allow a team of optometrists to create and control their own screening questionnaires via a small content management system called QuestionCare.

I have been given permission to share details of the project, so I have started writing a collection of blogs that, I intend, will show how I developed the project from start to finish. Check the articles section of this site for progress updates, or check the github repo for latest code commits.

Note: the version in the image link does not interact with a database. It is simply a demonstration of the front end of the application.

picture of questioncare logo


I developed this application as part of a personal project to build experience in developing single page applications. It features the ability to add and customise recipes, and a feature called 'shopping list' which gives the user an option to merge ingredients onto a shopping list for any recipes that he/she desires to cook in the week. It calculates all amounts needed based on what is already on the list (for example, if butter was added to the list, but it had already been added previously from another recipe, the amounts would be merged).

The application uses angularJS on the front-end and PHP/SQL database for the back-end API. Note: the version in the image link does not interact with a database. It is simply a demonstration of the front end of the application.

picture of recipe box


I was approached to develop the website for the friends of Headington Hill Park. They wanted something fairly simple, and similar in style to the site Friends of south park, which is the sister site. As such, I used a fairly standard wordpress theme, but tweaked it with custom CSS and HTML. To add a bit of modern edge to the site, I also developed a custom Wordpress plugin called Image Gallery, which can be found on both the Trees and the Flowers pages. The FoHHP are very happy with the site, and now use it as a platform to invite and attract people to the various trees and flowers within the park, as well as display information on current news and events.

picture of image gallery on Friends of headington hill park website.


As a project to put my skills to use in the creation of a back-end API interacting with a front-end interface, I built a small application that pulls data from a MySQL database using PHP and displays it on the front-end interface. I developed two versions of this sample application, one using React.js and the other using Angular, but both offering the same functionality! Both have search filters, by name or location. In Angular, I coded the search filters myself.

picture of job board coded in Angularjs.

(Above: job board in Angularjs)

picture of job board coded in Reactjs.

(Above: job board in Reactjs)


Using Jquery and foundation.css, this is a website that I am currently developing for a local decorating company. I also came up with the idea for the site theme, and developed the logo and the other blue icons used throughout the site. Finally, I coded the admin system used on the site, developed in PHP, allowing for the decorator to write and edit blogs via a password encrypted interface.

picture of website for decorator.


Simple game of Tictactoe developed just for fun!

picture of tictactoe game.


Developed using react.js framework and react-bootstrap, this front-end interface allows for adding a recipe, editing/deleting a recipe and searching for a recipe. It also has a feature called 'shopping list' which allows a user to add the ingredients of a recipe to a shopping list for easy reference when in the supermarket!

This was my first react project, and the code was a tad messy, and I the interface design is... well... untidy! But, it's here as a part of my coding history. I have recently coded the project again with a new vision and more experience (see top).

picture of recipe box desktop


A nice looking image gallery that I also programmed as a widget for Wordpress, with the ability to add custom images and text, as well as other options. Do get in touch if you are interested in custom widgets being designed for your site. I can develop widgets that offer many features that are very easy for you to customise on the Wordpress admin back-end.

picture of image gallery.


Simple website designed for a Window Cleaning company, just to advertise. I built this using Foundation.css. Also designed logo.

picture of townsend windows website


Simple weather was developed using the Open Weather API and pure Javascript. An application that provides immediate, up-to-date weather data in one place.

picture of Simple Weather app.


Clock for keeping track of study vs rest intervals.

picture of Pomodoro Clock


Online calculator coded in native Javascript. What is unique about this project is that I used CSS to create the look of the calculator, including buttons, rather than using an image.

picture of calculator


An application that allows you to search wiki files in one place very quickly. Built using MediaWiki API.

picture of Wiki Search


Convert from Decimal Numbers to Roman Numerals. Programmed using Javascript.

picture of roman numeral converter app.


Encrypts or Decrypts text using ROT13 letter substitution. Programmed using Javascript.

picture of ceaser cipher app.


Simple calculator for displaying the Fibonacci sequence before an entered integer.


Converts between text and binary values.

picture of binary converter app


I developed the Push Your Limits UK website for a Life Coaching business. Later coverted to Wordpress by developing custom Push Your Limits theme. My knowledge has come a long way since producing this site and, despite its simplicity, it serves as a reminder of how far I have come, and it is the first site that I coded from scratch, including sliders, Wordpress theme and Wordpress blog functionality.

picture of push your limits website


Very simple game programmed in JavaScript. Device with keyboard needed.

picture of snake game


Fully responsive slider written in vanilla JavaScript.

picture of responsive slider

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