A basic website? Full application?

I would love to develop your bespoke website or small application using my knowledge of front-end programming languages. I want to ensure that your site not only looks great, but also functions well. Basically, I want to ensure that we have a great finished product that suits your initial specifications.

I code websites from scratch or, depending on your requirements, using an existing template in Wordpress. Either way, I work to make your website look exactly how you would like it, from layout to colour schemes and special effects.

Put an amazing stand out website on the map!

I follow several principles that help ensure an amazing, functional finished product:

Websites are responsive for all devices.

Your website will automatically adapt and change according to whether it is being viewed on a phone or larger screen, to provide an optimal user experience.

Websites are compatible with all major browsers.

All code is produced to current standards and best practices. This helps to ensure that the site will be readable across all major browers, helping you to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Websites are search engine optimised

I use techniques to make your site attractive to search engines based on website design on-site best practices, which helps to improve the chance of your site being found easily when a user is searching for the type of service that you are providing. For example, it is important that sites load quickly, are easy to navigate and provide the user with interesting content to keep them coming back for more, as these can be ways to improve search engine rankings. I can also provide further assistance with off-site search engine optimisation, to help draw users toward your site.

Websites are designed with the user in mind.

User experience is of upmost importance when creating a professional site - it helps not only to keep your visitors on the site but also keeps them coming back, and I design sites and applications that are easy to understand and navigate. For example, I ensure that we are using good contrasting colours, and clear and concise progression throughout a site. Therefore, it is important that designs are produced with function rather than style (or at least a good balance) - in other words it is better to have designs that perform well and that are easy to use, rather than designs that are full of special effects.

Websites are created with a spark of imagination!

If you do not have ideas about your own design, I am more than happy to use my imagination and come up with a layout and design for your approval.

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What type of design do you need? Here are a few examples of the types of design services that I typically provide:

Portfolio website

A portfolio website is my basic service. This would include, for example, 4 or 5 pages, 1 or 2 special effects (for example, a slider or carousel - as per specification), a form or a blog (possibly both). Such simple sites can be coded from scratch and have the advantage of being fully unique (being coded from scratch gives you control over the design that you would struggle to achieve with a website creator or a site from a website designer who does not code!). As they are so simple, they are also extremely affordable, and I offer them from as little as £80. Such clients that benefit from these small sites include those that are self-employed such as those in the trades, coaches, or therapists.

Small shop/business site

These sites tend to require more work, multiple pages and facets, and would normally require a larger pre-design process. Do Contact me to find out more.

Editing existing site

Maybe you have an existing Wordpress site running and you want things styled a certain way but have never worked with code and are not sure how to change things without ruining the site. Or, maybe you want a flash landing page that you have put on paper and want me to create.

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Let's make your website other worldy!

Other optional aspects of design...

Logo design

Give me some basic information, such as the name of your business, and the type of services that you provide, and I will aim to design a creative logo! Having a clever logo will not only make your website look attractive, but will look great for your business in general.

Text editing

I am most happy to write and edit content text for your website. Having a well-written website will give your business a more professional image on the web.

Off-site SEO

I can work on targeting and creating inbound links to your site, researching keywords/competitor keywords, and improving presence on social media platforms.

Wordpress optimisation

Need a plugin that you can't find? Wordpress site just stopped working? Get in touch!

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